Gascoyne Materials Handling & Recycling, LLC (GMHR) provides waste management and materials handling services to railroads and other businesses. Established in 1997, the Southwest North Dakota- based company’s operations include the removal of materials, the handling of said materials, and recycling or disposal of those materials at the onsite inert landfill as permitted by the state of North Dakota. The main source of these materials is from the railroad industry and are removed from railcars by various methods. Additionally, GMHR operates a bioremediation composting facility to provide treatment for soils impacted with refined hydrocarbons, these materials are also typically unloaded from railcars that are sent to the facility by railroad industries.

GMHR is a regional provider of services that are needed by our railroads while minimizing the amount of waste transported to landfills in North Dakota or neighboring states. We are dedicated to reducing carbon impact by separating out and recycling/ re-marketing any usable materials. Examples of recovered and recycled/re-marketed materials are coal, railroad ties, wood of various types, salvaged rail, steel plates, rail spikes, rock, ballast, limestone, cement, bentonite, concrete slabs and non-treated cereal grains.

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