Waste Management

GMHR is a regional provider of services that are needed by our railroads while minimizing the amount of waste transported to landfills in North Dakota or neighboring states.

Business Solutions

We help businesses adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices.

Trusted Partner

For more than 25 years GMHR has provided dedicated and quality service to the railroad industry and beyond. Focused on reducing carbon impact by recycling/ re-marketing any usable materials.

Welcome to Gascoyne Materials Handling & Recycling

Gascoyne Materials Handling & Recycling, LLC (GMHR) provides waste management and transportation, as well as railcar cleaning, repair and maintenance services to railroads and other businesses. Established in 1997, the Southwest North Dakota- based company’s operations include the removal of materials, the handling of said materials, and recycling or disposal of those materials at an onsite inert landfill, as permitted by the state of North Dakota.

Services & Solutions

Waste Management
This includes waste recycling, scraping, landfill, as well as soil remediation
Transload and Transportation
With more than 250 company owned railcars, and 17,000 feet of loop track car storage, waste can be collected, transported, and stored, for both waste management as well as transloads.
Railcars are cleaned, repaired, and serviced.

Strategically Located

GMHR is located in Southwest North Dakota on the Burlington North Santa Fe Railway (BNSF), specifically the busy southern Burlington Northern route. BNSF Railway is the product of nearly 400 different railroad lines that merged or were acquired over the course of 170 years. The major railroads are now rapidly transitioning to "precision railroading,” moving strategic pieces of business to private companies, and focusing capital on their most profitable business segments.

GMHR was designed to capitalize on the precision railroading opportunity, with the strategic location as a critical success factor. In addition to being on a superior route, GMHR is also very isolated, meaning it does not have to contend with urban issues such as traffic, noise etc. It also allows increased velocity (turn-around time) due to the easy of in and out access. Liability is also reduced as there are less possibilities of accidents with other vehicles. Finally, GMHR has over 17,000 feet of loop track rail car storage. This allows them to handle over 250 rail cars simultaneously. The railroads typically haul about 110 cars at a time so it is extremely desirable to place all those cars in one line without breaking up the train.